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Do know where your shut off valves are in your home?

Knowing where your water shut off valves are in and outside your home is an important aspect that every homeowner should know.    

Usually within homes there are three types of shut off valves: Ball Valve, Gate Valve and Stop Valve. The ball valve is commonly used and found at the main cut off to the home. It is also found on the water heater to isolate the hot water heater and hot water piping. Gate valves are also found on main line cut offs. If you do have a gate valve on your system, we recommend it be replaced with a ball valve, as ball valves are more efficient and last longer.  Stop valves are located under every sink and behind toilets so you are able to isolate the fixture for maintenance or replacement.

It is recommended that you test the shut off valves in your home at least twice per year. Here are a few simple steps to test the shut off valves:

Main Valve

This is generally located outside by the front hose bibb or where the main water enters the home. When testing the main valve you may want to have two people when doing so, but one person will work just as well. Turn a fixture on in the home such as a faucet or you can use a hose bibb outside. Now you want to exercise the valve. Exercise the valve means turning the valve on and off several times. If you find the fixture that you turned on does not completely drain down, then you know your valve is not working properly.

Shut Off Valve

Open and close all stops located underneath sinks and behind toilets. Again it is important that you have water running through the fixture you are testing while you are exercising the valve. If you find the valves or valves do not turn off the way, it will need to be replaced.

If you decide to replace these valves yourself, I cannot reiterate enough; make sure that your main cut off going in to the house works properly before you begin the work.  You do not want to remove the broken valve with water pressure on the system. Turning water off in a timely manner could help save you in the long run by preventing water damage.

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